Photography Articles - How To: Water Drops

This article explains a simple setup that you can do in your kitchen at home to get great water drip and splash photography.

This is written to be a starting-point and you are encouraged to play around with different setups.

If you're wondering, I shot about 200 frames to get the "good" examples photos you see here, so don't be discouraged if your timing is off or you aren't getting neat splashes.

What you will need

The following list is what I used, but you can always substitute similar components, such as SB-600 flash heads instead of the SB-800.

Option Items

These are things that I found helpful or safer and if you have them available then you may want to consider using them. They are not expressly needed to do the setup as seen in the video.


In the video you will see how I set my camera and the lighting ratios I chose. Basically I went for the depth-of-field of around f/18 and I dialed the on-camera flash level down, kept the side light balanced (unadjusted), and put the gelled flash to minus two-thirds (aka -0.7).

These numbers are not set in stone and I encourage you to play around with lesser and greater depths of field as well as other lighting ratios. I tried many configurations, but I found this to be a good starting point for myself.

Video Demonstration

The following video outlines how to setup the items to take the water drip photos.

Example Photos