I am not a wedding photographer. I am a photographer who enjoys photographing weddings. To me, there is a big difference. I feel that the "canned" or "posed" photographs that you get with your standard traditional wedding photographer do nothing to capture the feelings and emotions that happen on your wedding day.

I have no problem recommending clients go to other photographers if their needs are not what I can provide. I want you to have the best pictures and I am sure we all have visions in our minds of what the best photographs look like. I try to photograph what I see in my mind, but not everyone agrees on what is the "best."

I do not rely on regular studio shots and I never pack a ton of lighting gear or tripods and fill your church with "stuff." I prefer to shoot in-the-field and with as much natural light as I can get, and as mobile as I can be.

My style most closely resembles that of journalistic in that I prefer to be a fly on the wall. I am just an observer there to capture the beauty and mood of the day, not to force artificial happiness or fake beauty. All of this while keeping true to the needs of the whole family for posed photos that everyone looks for.

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