I am a big fan of pets. Cats, fish, birds, bees, or dogs: it doesn't matter. I know many people who cherish their family pet like a child. So, why not give them a place on the mantle with your other family photos?

Over the years I have built a reputation of knowing how to work well with animals. I was once called "The Cat Whisperer" for my ability to get a pet to pose with the cutest face, just when I'm ready to take picture.

And, because of our studio policy of giving you all of the images on CDROM, with a signed release, you can get hats, coffee mugs, shirts, or whatever you want using the photos that I take. These make for popular gifts and keepsakes. I can provide further information about where you can get items like these made, but there are many online and even some local stores offering these services.

A heads up about pets you might bring to any session is greatly appreciated. My cat loves to hang out in the studio and ham it up for the camera. If you are planning to bring a pet with you to any studio session, please let me know in advance so that arrangements can be made so that no fur will fly. Additionally, if you have pet allergies, let me know about that in advance so we can be sure you won't be sneezing instead of smiling for your photos.