Headshots - Model Portfolios

Some women are born beautiful, some just have a good photographer.

As a model you need to have photographs in your portfolio that make you look your best. You also need a wide variety to show your range. We will help you build a collection of images for your portfolio that will really make you standout from the crowd.

Think ahead about the styles that best exemplify "you" and discuss with us the costumes you have and the hair styles you're thinking about so we can couple your ideas with other studio props and dramatic lightings. Planning is key to making the most effective use of our time together in the studio.

I like to start a portrait session at a local lake during the time photographers call "the golden hour" which most of us call "dusk." Then, we head back to the studio for indoor, controlled lighting shots. Depending on the look you're going for, we can start right away in the studio.

We can end then reviewing your shots of the day and working together we can quickly edit a few of your best shots. This way you leave with a CD of your images with the best ones already edited and ready for you to make prints.

Depending on your experience and how busy we are in the studio I often take on TFCD (Trade For CD) work with new models.